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Missouri Bicentennial

art Festival and

ice Cream Social

Happy birthday, Missouri! This year marks 200 years of Missouri history.

And we are celebrating with a region wide ArtFest and Ice Cream Social. Stay tuned for all of the location announcements.

Join us for the ArtFest and Ice Cream Social on August 7th from 10AM to 2PM from Grand Center through the Hodiamont Greenway to the Delmar Loop for art, performance and ICE CREAM!

We are going for the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest ice cream social and need your help. The curent record is 962 participants in an ice cream social in Italy. With Bold Spoon Creamery and Baked Bear selling ice cream, certainly, St. Louis can top that! After all, the ice cream cone was popularized right here at the 1904 World's Fair. 

Thinking of the 1904 World's Fair, did you know that Meet Me in St. Louis was actually written and set in the Academy Neighborhood, one of the neighborhoods along the Hodaimont Greenway? Join the St. Louis Public Library at the ArtFest to find out more and have some fun. 

Some of the fun to watch for includes performances by Shakespeare Festival, Blues and Jazz musicians, a children's street dance competition with Consuming Kinetics Dance Company, a parade by Joy Parade and so much more

The map of the festivities and loations of programming will be posted here soon. 

And, keep watching as we are adding other locations to our ArtFest and Ice Cream Social birthday bash!

Interested in participating in or sponsoring the event?


Ice Cream Vendors

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