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MO Bicentennial T-Shirt by Aalia Rahman

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*Price includes shipping and handling Over two hundred years, the state of Missouri has accumulated a lot of symbols, including a menagerie of state animals. This elegant and minimalist design pays honor to all the official animals that represent our state! Missouri Mule: After its introduction to the state of Missouri in the 1820s, the mule became popular with farmers because of its hardy nature. For decades, the Show Me State was the nation’s premier mule producer. Bluebird: In 1927, the native bluebird became the official state bird of Missouri. The bluebird is common in the state from early spring until late November. White Hawthorn Blossom: In 1923, the white hawthorn blossom became the official state floral emblem of Missouri. More than 75 species of hawthorn grow in Missouri, particularly in the Ozarks. Paddlefish: The official aquatic animal of Missouri, only three rivers support substantial populations of paddlefish: the Mississippi, Missouri, and the Osage. American Bullfrog: The official state amphibian, the bullfrog is the largest frog native to Missouri and is found in every county. Three-toed Box Turtle: Our official state reptile is a land-dwelling turtle with a hinged shell that closes up like a box, hence the animal’s name. About the Artist: Aalia Rahman is a Saint Louis University graduate with a degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting and Graphic Deisgn. With an extensive list of art shows, Aalia has exhibited her artwork locally as well as internationally. Find more of Aalia’s work at aaliarahman.com or on Instagram at @AaliaRahmanArt Each of these limited edition t-shirts is produced locally in partnership with Olympic T-Shirts (https://olympictshirts.com). We are now accepting pre-orders ... ordered t-shirts will be shipped mid-August.


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