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MO Bicentennial T-Shirt by Stephanie Gobby

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*Price includes shipping and handling Missouri folklore is full of strange and wonderous creatures … and this whimsical design brings together a whole fun-loving gang of them!: Momo the Monster (aka the Missouri Monster) was a Bigfoot-like cryptid than was seen (and smelled!) around rural Missouri in the 1970s. Jim the Wonder Dog: Jim was a Llewellyn setter who was famous for being able to perform amazing feats such as making predictions about the future and following commands in foreign languages. He was given the name “The Wonder Dog” by a newspaper in Kemmerer, Wyoming after a performance in 1935. He also performed before the Missouri Legistlature and the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. Missouri Mule: the Official State Animal of Missouri, the Missouri Mule reflects Missouri’s history as a large rural, agricultural state and the starting point for wagons full of settlers headed westwards. About the Artist: In May 2021, Stephanie Gobby was in the first graduating class from Washington University in St. Louis’s MFA in Illustration and Visual Culture. See more of her work at her website https://stephaniegobby.com or on Instagram at @stephaniegobby. Each of these limited edition t-shirts is produced locally in partnership with Olympic T-Shirts (https://olympictshirts.com). We are now accepting pre-orders ... ordered t-shirts will be shipped mid-August.


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